film studies was so easy today

we watched The Nightmare Before Christmas. Er, I didn’t really watch it, I was kind of just listening to movie and reading King Dork at the same time. I’m way past the point where I can just listen to the soundtrack and visualize what’s on the screen in my head. I’ve already done it for all of the Studio Ghibli films, Howl’s Moving Castle especially.

And guess what we’re going to watch next in that class? Spirited Away. Yeah. A GHIBLI MOVIE. 

I’d say this is great, but I know there’s only one person who’ll appreciate it being watched in school: ME.

Miyazaki’s just an acquired taste that not a single person in that class is willing to sample. Which is sad since it’s their major. The only reason they took that class was because they don’t have to handle equipment and all you do is watch movies.

I honestly feel like I’m one of two, maybe three, who is actually in Film Studies because they genuinely like it. And I’m only talking about my class period. Period 5 has about five or six in there that also genuinely want to be in there and who have a passion for film like I do. I was once in that class. I hate that I got switched out of it.

But what can you do?

So come Tuesday and Thursday of next week, I’ll enjoy my little Hayao Miyazaki moment by myself. I kind of just wish we could watch Princess Mononoke instead. That’s a bit more age appropriate compared to Spirited away. I’ll bring it myself and talk to her beforehand to try and convince her to show it.

I swear, for that little window of time, I can run that class. 

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